UKIM Youth

UKIM Youth is an energetic and innovative youth organisation. UKIM Youth aims to equip young Muslims with the tools necessary to be productive and valued members of society.

Our main development areas are: Deen (Islam), Education, Life Skills and Community Development. Some of our activities include: Weekly Study Circles, Weekend Sports Activities, Annual Residential, Fund Raising Events, Public Awareness Projects, Night Programmes and Community Outings.

Our vision is to develop youth who can actively contribute to the ongoing development of the Muslim community, thereby benefiting the wider society.

UKIM Youth believe the Muslim community in Britain should, be engaged in local work, it is through this work we can ensure that our mosques continue to attract large gatherings and our future generations remain firm on Islam. We therefore extend our invitation to you to join us and help in this noble work. We invite you to join us in our efforts to inspire and enable the Muslim community to live by Islam, and for conveying the message of Islam to the British society.


  • To seek the pleasure of Allah by enjoining the good and forbidding the evil.
  • To establish a close relationship with our Creator with the Qur’an being at the centre.
  • To raise the Imaan and create an atmosphere of Islamic Brotherhood (Jamaat).
  • To develop a good level of knowledge and understanding of Islam.


  • Reading Quran with understanding, understanding Hadith and then implement in our daily lives.
  • To provide knowledge of Islam To develop young Muslims that have:
    • Taqwa (God consciousness), Good character, Desire for learning, Wide range of skills.
  • To provide activities for the youth.
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