Madrassah Rules

There is an entry fee of £10 and monthly Madrassah fees are applicable and direct debit payments are available at a discounted rate. Fees are to be paid for full year regardless of holidays given or taken.

2. Madrassah must be notified of any pre- arranged holidays and holiday form to be completed. Holiday forms are available from the office.

3. An absent child will remain on register for one month. Thereafter will be removed and standard re-entry procedure (waiting list and entry fee) will apply.

4. Disruptive, abusive and disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated in class or in the schools vicinity. Parents/Guardians will be first notified and children placed on behaviour monitoring. If the behaviour does not improve the student may be expelled. Verbal abuse directed to staff will result in expulsion.

5. Students’ failure to follow rules in Madrassah may lead to a same day detention of 10minutes or 1 hour detention for further misbehaviour, fighting, bullying, dangerous activity (breach of health and safety rules). 1 hour detention will be communicated with parents and a date will be set. Attending detention is a must.

6. Any dispute between students in the Madrassah will be dealt with only by the Education Committee.

7. Students must follow health and safety rules of the Madrassah. These will be stipulated by the head teacher, class teachers and sign posted around the Madrassah.

8. The Madrassah Uniform must be worn at all times whilst attending and in the vicinity of the Madrassah. Madrassah Uniform will be stipulated by the Madrasah and small amendments to the uniform may be made from time to time.

9. The Madrassah may organise extra-curricular activities (sporting events/day trips etc.) further permission will not be sought. Any parent/guardian who does not want their child to participate in extra-curricular activities or has any special needs, must state this above under special requirements.

10. The Madrassah may take photographs of students whilst in class, taking part in extra-curricular activities or at the time of enrolment. These photographs will be used in Madrassah and for educational purposes such as displays and also for identification if necessary. Cameras have been placed in classes for safety of staff and children.

11. Teachers may extend the class time for up to a maximum of 10 minutes to ensure every child has adequate time for reading and revising their classwork.

12. The Madrassah/UK Islamic Mission is not liable for any accidents, injury or loss of property in and around the premises or on extra-curricular activities.

13. The Education Committee reserves the right to change the supplementary school rules. Changes will be communicated with parents/guardians.

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